Resource Spotlight – Brandy Carrasco, Gimme A Voice

The more I do this work, the more I get to meet amazing people who have recovered from sexual harassment and are doing inspiring things as a result of their recovery. Brandy Carrasco, with Gimme A Voice, is one example and the first San Diego business to be a Resource Spotlight on Stories from Athena’s Garden. Earlier this month, I […]

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It’s time for some phrases to R.I.P… It strikes me that it is time to put to rest a number of phrases in our common vernacular that are simply no longer appropriate to say, especially on the playing field and in the workplace. I want to hear your thoughts on this but I am very nervous about where the comments might […]

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Path to Recovery: Love and Belonging (Maslow’s Hierarcy Level 3)

In November, I wrote the first of five posts about my path to recovery in what I call my “Maslow’s Theory Applied” series. This first post started out of sequence to Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and focused on my experiences related to healing on the 2nd level – Safety and Security. Just like my road to recovery, my path […]

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