It Happens More Than It Should

I think it helps to tell our stories. Talking about our experiences helps us to recover. It also helps the rest of us know how common the problem is.

So I woke up this morning wondering what other stories are already out there. I did a quick Google search and quickly came up with a list of personal stories about harassment, a few of which that also include stories of the retaliation that follows.

It was easy to break them down into three categories – in restaurants, in the workplace and in higher education.

Clearly, harassment happens more often than it should…and from these short, personal stories, it seems that only a small handful of the people involved really have the ability or the support to change the behavior. All are left scarred in some way. Many take years to share their story.

What stories do you know about that can be added to this list?

At the Office

  1. Short, personal stories from the same person
  2. News article about the Herman Cain case
  3. Short stories from different people
    Start with the infographic, #6 and #8. #14 and #16 may sound familiar too.

In Restaurants

  1. Multiple stories from different waitresses

In Higher Education

  1. Detailed personal story about her experience with her mentor
  2. A very detailed story, over a long time period

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