Life Lessons from the Water

I met a new friend this week. As we were swimming and floating in the ocean, she shared something that I am adding to the list of “life lessons from the water.” I am paraphrasing here …

You know you’re passionate about something, if you can envision it.
If you can’t envision it, you aren’t passionate about it.

This resonated with me because I am in a chrysalis stage (again). I know I have reached the  butterfly stage in other parts of my life but right now, in my professional life, I am changing (again). I have done my cocooning. I am ready to be a new me. My new friend has taught me that if I can envision the life I want for myself, and hold on to that vision, then it is what I want it to be. If I am truly passionate about it, it will be. I can will it to be.

In addition to the power of passion and imagination, there is also a lesson in will power in this life lesson from the water…

So here’s my vision… it comes in layers…I share it with you and the universe to help me own it. And to ask you to help me make this vision come true. It can’t happen without you.


  • I want every person who has experienced some sort of sexual harassment to surround themselves with flowers on the 5th of every month.
  • I want these individuals to see, feel, smell, touch and be inspired by the beauty of nature’s bloom.
  • I want them to know that after every winter, there is a spring. After pain, there is healing. What you are going through shall pass.

Healing Together

  • I want people who see others with flowers around them on the 5th to come together.
  • I want these people to talk through their pain, support each other, offer each other resources to help spring come as soon as it can.
  • I want them to act from a point of love, help each other deal with and heal from their pain, and make a positive, proactive choice to move toward peace and happiness.


  • I want those who knowingly or unknowingly sexually harass others come to understand the horrible impact of their behavior.
  • I want these individuals to consciously choose to change their behavior.
  • I want them to help us deal with and heal from our pain.

It starts with flowers and it starts today. Today is the 5th. Surround yourself with flowers, enjoy their beauty and be open to change.

If you have a resource to share, share it with us. If you have a story to share, share it with us.

Envision Bloom.







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