How Mental Health Therapy can Help Victims of Sexual Harassment

Good mental health is a cornerstone to recovering from sexual harassment. It definitely has been for me. Here is what I have learned so far.

Whether you are the victim of this, witness to this or mental health expert, if you have experience with the positive impact this kind of treatment can offer to help you deal with and heal from sexual harassment and retaliation, please share your thoughts in the comments. Your opinions and experiences will help us all learn just how important and valuable good mental health is for our selves as well as our colleagues and community.

We All Have Hurts

But it’s not often that we admit them. With the right kind of therapy, we can identify those hurts, heal them and learn how not to get hurt again.

I thought my hurts were all recent and on the surface. But the more I explored my hurts in therapy, the more I realized that the hurts went as far back as my early childhood and were buried deep in me, almost forgotten.

For me to get through the 5 stages of grief and loss, identified by Elisabeth Kubler Ross, I needed to look at all the hurts.

Dealing with Trauma

When I first showed up at my therapist’s office I was peaking in Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). I was also very reluctant to share my story or explore my hurts with her. I had serious trust issues.

To help me as quickly as possible, my therapist gave me physical exercises to do. Why? Because even if our minds forget the trauma, our bodies still hold on to it, until we can let it go.

I have heard of or used the following exercises. Be sure to consult your doctor before trying them.

  • Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE)
  • M.E.L.T.
  • E.M.D.R.

Are there more techniques out there? What are they and how do they work?

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  • What are the resources and treatments that work best for survivors who are experiencing PTSD or other mental health symptoms?

    • Plum Blossom

      Dear MedicineInfo… Thanks for your question! Please check out the Resources page on our website for the resources that have already joined our support group. Marriage and Family Therapists are a good resource for you. There should be an association of MFTs in your state that can help you find someone local to you. Once you find someone you like in your local area, in addition to general counseling ask them about MELT, Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE) as well as Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). The links in the post can tell you more about these techniques that help with PTSD as well as trauma in general. I suggest you do a search in your local area for Yoga studios or fitness centers that offer MELT, if that technique appeals to you. If they are good, please suggest to them that they make themselves available on my site. There is a way for them to add themselves to the state-by-state listings on the resources page. I want as many people as possible to get the help they need! Best wishes to you and those you support!

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