Decision Tree – One Way to Help a Friend Decide to Report or Not

Dear Readers, especially HR experts, Deciding to report sexual harassment is often a difficult choice to make. There are many risks and often few benefits. However, it is within our rights to ask for it to stop and to ask others to help us stop it. We want to empower women and men to stand up to gender-based harassment, with […]

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How Can We Support Those That Need It?

Two different people in an audience of 40 in my conference session at Rady had almost the same identical question: How can we be better support to others? What’s the best way to be “social support” for someone who needs it? First of all, I LOVE that this question came up. It tells me that there are loving hearts out […]

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Getting Ready!

It was such a pleasure being a part of the inaugural Rady Women’s Forum last weekend, Discussions and Action Plans for Vibrant Leaders! The student-led, Rady admissions-supported event was filled with empowering sessions. I attended the two sessions immediately before mine and took away many suggestions for mindfulness and some very good negotiation tactics! I was sad not to be […]

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