Playing the Husband Card

This post is related to the conversation mentioned in my last blog post, Getting the Delivery Right.

So there I was talking with this new friend about sexual harassment scenarios in the workplace… He was confessing that he could call a particular colleague by the pet name “Babe” when they were together, but not in front of her husband.

I did not pursue these next thoughts with him, but his confession got me thinking. (By the way, I really respect this person for opening up about and reflecting on his own behavior with me.)

It was interesting to me that without her husband present, the line of appropriate pet names in the office could be blurred, but with her husband present, the line was extremely clear. Why should this be the case?

I have had other women tell me that they don’t get harassed because their husband is a deterrence. Either the husband actively takes a stand against the behavior or the mere presence of the husband is a prophylactic.

Is there truth to this? Are single women more likely to be sexually harassed in the work place than married women? If so, what are us single women to do?

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