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Dawn Ressel will be the resource-on-hand for those of us attending the sexual harassment support group at the Gathering on August 12th, so I thought it would be fun for us to get to know her, a little bit about her own journey and how she can be of use to us on our journeys with life activation and meditation. Here is just a small introduction to her. We look forward to introducing you to her next Sunday! Please RSVP using the link above so that we know how many to expect.

Unleashing Your Power and Potential with Life Activation

By Dawn Ressel

I was always a follow-the-rules, pragmatic and logical person.  I believed more in the power of hard work than the power of anything divine.  Until I reached a crossroads in my life that forced me to make really hard decision.  I ended my marriage of 12 years.

Even with the support of my family, friends and a therapist, I knew I didn’t have all the tools I needed to get through it.  I started praying for the first time in a long time.  And I started searching.

Her Journey

I received my Life Activation just a few months after my divorce was finalized.  Then I went on the trip of a lifetime: a solo two-week vacation through Thailand that included an elephant sanctuary, hiking alongside waterfalls, an orchid greenhouse the size of a football field, and snorkeling in the most beautiful coral reef.

After my trip, I came back to the same job, and it didn’t feel right anymore.  I realized that my divine path was not to stay in a corporate job, but to become a small business owner and create my own destiny!

I now know my higher self was guiding me onto this path.  We all have a higher self: the purest form of ourselves that knows what’s best for us.  And we all have a unique mission on this planet: one that only we can fulfill.  When we are connected to that mission, we can accomplish our highest potential.

I am now a certified Life Activation practitioner, which means I can share this amazing service with others.  I’ve seen the power of it in my own life, as well as my clients’ lives.  Here are a few stories from my recent clients…

Her Clients’ Journeys

One of my clients was trying to launch a business and write a book.  She was feeling stressed and stretched thin trying to do all of this.  After her Life Activation, she landed a very important meeting with a major corporate client.  This was a meeting she’d been working on for months.  She reorganized her entire filing system and office space; something she’d been putting off for a long time.  She realized one of the things that was causing her stress and getting in the way of her productivity was the lack of organization.  Then she decided to put aside writing her book for now because she realized her current priority was launching her business.

Another one of my clients was struggling with the direction of his business.  He knew he wanted to start something knew but was feeling pulled in many directions and unsure about which was the best idea.  The same day, after his Life Activation, he created a clear action plan, made some decisions that had been swirling for months, and had the confidence to pursue the right path for him.

And lastly, one of my clients was seeking spiritual progression and guidance.  He had been a long-time practitioner of mediation, and experienced the benefits, but also knew there was more out there for him.  When I told him about Life Activation, he said, “I’ve been looking for something exactly like this!”  After his Life Activation, he had such a strong connection with his higher self, he was getting direct messages about the emotional blockages that were holding him back.  Once it was clear what was holding him back, he focused his attention on purging that negative energy, and successfully moved past it.  He’s now working on opening a restaurant, which has been a lifelong dream.

The Life Activation is unlike anything else out there in the world.  It is only taught by one institution: The Modern Mystery School.  It is taught in the same way that it’s been handed down for over 3,000 years, beginning with King Salomon, also known as King Solomon The Wise.  It is a 22-strand DNA activation that brings in divine light into our bodies.  It helps us overcome unconscious patterns and even ancestral patterns that are getting in our way.  It strengthens our connection with our higher self, so we have access to the wisdom to fully accomplish our mission.

If you’re ready to receive your Life Activation, I’m ready to serve you in the San Diego County region.  If you’re outside of San Diego, we have an international network of Life Activation practitioners.  I’m happy to connect you with someone in your area.

Blessing to you on your journey.


About Dawn

My name is Dawn Ressel, and I’m a seeker of truth and light. I am a certified Life Activation practitioner and Max Meditation (™) Instructor from the Modern Mystery School. You can find me at

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