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When I first started on my journey, I found it difficult in the middle of everything to access the resources I needed to make informed choices about every step along the way.

Some of My Questions

  • Was what I was experiencing sexual harassment?
  • Was what I was experiencing retaliation?
  • Who do I talk to in the office?
  • Are there support groups that I can connect with?
  • What if I want to file an EEOC Complaint? How do I do that?
  • How do I manage my emotions through all this?
  • Is this happening to other women in my office? How do I find out?

I searched high and low for books, support groups, and experts to help me find community, insights and reassurance.

Part of my struggle to find resources was my own – I had serious trust issues. I did not feel comfortable asking my office mates, HR or even the customer service gal at the bookstore the questions above. Part of my struggle was outside of me – there were plenty of “legal” resources, but I needed a clearing house of “non-legal,” readily available resources.

An Invitation to Victims, Witnesses and Those Seeking Help

I imagine if you are going through or went through a similar challenge, you might have needed or are needing resources too. So, I have decided to be the change…

I am actively compiling a list of resources, by expertise and by state to help you. Scroll down and hover over the categories in the resource hub below. As a trusted community of support for you, these resources from every state across the nation that can offer insights and reassurance to you as you go through all of the stages of recovery, dealing with and healing from sexual harassment. I hope you find what you need.

Be sure to do your own due diligence to be sure that the resource that seems right for you is truly right for you. If you have a great experience with a resource, please post a comment under their listing so that they and others seeking help can benefit from your insight. Please do the same for experiences that did not positively help you toward your recovery.

An Invitation for Those that Can Help

Are you a healer? Are you a therapist? Are you a trainer? Do you have the skills, compassion and abilities to help victims, witnesses and those seeking help with sexual harassment? Can you help people in your home town? Your state? Across the country? If so, please list it here by clicking on the Create a Listing button below.

Need help understanding all the categories that your business can fit into? You can be listed in more than one category. Hover over each of the options with your mouse and sign up for each category that applies to your business.

Every resource is listed in the state or states in which they provide service. Click here for details.

Check out this short video that describes how you can help them achieve Full Bloom.

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Option A: Full Bloom Listing (Free)

We want to honor those who make it easier for self-proclaimed victims of sexual harassment and related retaliation to deal with and heal from their experience. If you provide first-time customers with a free first-time visit, we waive your annual listing fee. This 100% free discount is also offered to government agencies and other entities whose services are already free.

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365 days
Option B: Bud Listing Fee (50% Off)

We want to honor those who make it easier for self-proclaimed victims of sexual harassment and related retaliation to deal with and heal from their experience. If you provide your first time customers with any kind of discount on their first visit, we take 50% off your annual listing price.

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365 days
Option C: Seed Listing Fee (Full Price)

Choose this annual listing fee option if you charge full price to first-time clients who self-proclaim to be victims of sexual harassment and related retaliation.

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