Understanding Listing Categories

Here are the different categories for the Resource Listings on Stories from Athena’s Garden. If you feel that your business fits into one or more of these categories, Create a Listing.

Advocates and Negotiators

Need help advocating for yourself? Want to learn the skills to do that? Need to hire someone to advocate or negotiate for you? These are your resources.

Books, Songs, Films and Movies

What books, films movies, songs do you know that might help victims of sexual harassment to  persevere and grow?

Clothing and Accessories

Sometimes it’s easier to have the things we wear say what we want to say for us, especially in a crowd.

Companies in Full Bloom

Is your company actively taking steps to foster an environment that is harassment free and positively focused? If so, you are in ‘Full Bloom.’ List your company here so that like-minded job seekers and customers know how to find you. Find out how to get certified as a Full Bloom company.

Financial Planners & Services

Afraid of losing your job? Need to find a retainer for lawyer’s fees? Want to be sure you are financially able to take on your next steps? Need a loan? These financial resources can show you your options.


Want to surround yourself with flowers on the 5th? Need a good florist? Here are some options for finding flowers.

Groups, Support Groups

We all need people to talk to. Sometimes it’s helpful to talk to others that have been through it or are going through it. Support Groups can be a wonderful resource!


As we go through traumatic events, it’s important to remember that our body, mind and spirit are impacted in many ways. These healers can help you through your pain.

Health and Wellness Professionals

Finding yourself exercising less? Eating more? In a negative spiral when it comes to self-care? As targeted health and wellness professions, these resources help you stay healthy.

Health, Fitness and the Great Outdoors

Healing the body has a powerful connection with healing the mind and spirit.

HR Consultants

Sometimes you don’t know what your options are. These Human Resource (HR) specialists can offer you advice about your choices and their possible consequences.

Inspiration and Insights

Do you offer inspiration to those dealing and healing? Can you offer insights to those dealing and healing? If so, how?

International Resources

These resources are available in different countries around the world and/or are resources here in the United States that can offer assistance to international communities.

Life Coaches

Your very own personal cheerleader. Sometimes we need that. Sometimes we are so trapped in our own stuff, it’s hard to stay positive and on track. These resources can help you with that.

Mental Health Professionals

EMDR, M.E.L.T. and other mental health therapies may be just what you need to get back to good health.

Self-Care Professionals

Spas! Beauty Salons! Hair Salons! And more! We all need a little self-care every once in a while.

Speakers and Trainers

These resources provide information, insights, training and group talks.

Unbeatable Mind Coaches

Trained in Mark Divine’s Unbeatable Mind Operating System and the Unbeatable Mind Academy, these certified coaches are available in person, or virtually to help you become the best version of yourself. Sign up for 1-1 coaching, boat crews and crucible events.