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Intentional Horsemanship
Short Business Description: Have you ever noticed that your horse seems to recognize your attitude before you even work with him? Your horse can read your intentions immediately. Horses can actually hear your heartbeat before you even get in to view. They also know how you’re feeling, intuitively, even if you’re not sure.

Have you noticed how being in nature is very calming? Does your cat or dog cuddle with you when you are sick or sad? Animals can sense and see things humans can’t. Horses are especially sensitive to human feelings and can be amazing natural healers.

Whether you are training, performing or just hanging out together, your intentions and emotions play a major role in the outcomes you experience with your horse.

Learn how to communicate with your horse in his own language, through herd behaviors. Then learn to listen to him and go through a deep connected healing with the help of your horse. It’s time to really start healing with the help of your horse by learning how to connect, communicate, and cooperate together as a team.
Long Business Description:

We offer Online Horse Programs to teach people a new way to be with horses in a deep, connected, healing way. We help people learn more about themselves and their horses by teaching connection, communication, and companionship.

We teach people how to speak “horse” and better understand their horse’s world, by becoming the lead mare, through body language and herd dynamics, while working with their horses in a gentle way without force or punishment and without tack.

This allows you and your horse to listen to each other and to heal from a deep connection.  Not only do you learn more about yourself and your horse, but you also learn to relax and feel your horse’s energy surrounding you and healing you.

It’s a beautiful way to heal naturally, peacefully, and privately!

Business Website Address: Intentional Horsemanship
Business Phone Number: 760-583-5777
State: MD
Discount Program : Our initial program is normally $49. Mention Promo Code Sara17 to get 50% off, $25 for your first visit.