Meaning of Flowers


Aster Patience September Birthday
Apple blossom Preference Arkansas, Michigan
Bitterroot Re-birth and resurrection of spirit Montana
Black-eyed Susan Justice Maryland
Bluebonnet Pride in the state of Texas Texas
Cactus blossom, Saguaro Ardent love Arizona
Camellia My destiny is in your hands Alabama
Carnation, pink I will never forget you January Birthday
Carnation, red My heart breaks January Birthday
Carnation, scarlet January Birthday, Ohio
Carnation, striped I cannot be with you January Birthday
Carnation, white Sweet and lovely January Birthday
Carnation, yellow Disdain January Birthday
Chrysanthemum Truth November Birthday
Clover, Red Vermont
Columbine, Rocky Mountain Desertion Colorado
Cosmos Joy in love and life
Crocus Youthful gladness
Daffodil New beginnings March Birthday
Dahlia Dignity
Daisy Innocence April Birthday
Daisy, Gerber Cheerfulness April Birthday
Delphinium Levity July Birthday
Dogwood Love undiminished by adversity North Carolina
Dogwood, American Love undiminished by adversity Virginia
Edelweiss Noble courage
Elder Compassion
Euphorbia Persistence
Fleur-de-Lis Stately beauty
Forget-me-not Forget me not Alaska
Fuchsia Humble love
Gardenia Refinement
Gladiolus Strength and moral integrity August Birthday
Goldenrod Careful encouragement Kentucky, Nebraska
Grape, Oregon Oregon
Hawthorn Hope Missouri
Heather Protection
Helenium Tears
Hibiscus Delicate beauty Hawaii
Holly Foresight December Birthday
Hollyhock Ambition
Indian paintbrush Love Wyoming
Iris Message February Birthday, Tenessee
Jessamine, Carolina yellow Separation South Carolina
Lady slipper Capricious beauty Minnesota
Laurel Glory and success
Lilac, Purple First emotions of love New Hampshire
Lily Majesty May Birthday
Lily, Sego Majesty Utah
Lily of the Valley Return of happiness
Magnolia Dignity Mississippi, Louisiana
Marigold Grief October Birthday
Mayflower Massachusetts
Mistletoe I surmount all obstacles Oklahoma
Mountain laurel Glory and success Connecticut, Pennsylvania
Mullein Take courage
Mustard I am hurt
Myrtle Love
Nasturtium Patriotism
Olive Peace
Orange blossom Your purity equals your loveliness Florida
Orchid Refined beauty
Pansy Think of me
Pasqueflower, American Affection South Dakota
Peach blossom I am your captive Delaware
Peony Anger, Healing Indiana
Petunia Your presence soothes me
Plum Keep your promises
Polyanthus Confidence
Poppy, Golden Fantastic extravagance California
Protea Courage
Purple Coneflower Strength and health
Rhododendron Beware West Virginia
Rhododendron, Coast Beware Washington
Rose, burgundy Unconscious beauty June Birthday, New York
Rose, Cherokee Georgia
Rose, moss Confession of love June Birthday, New York
Rose, orange Fascination June Birthday, New York
Rose, pale peach Modesty June Birthday, New York
Rose, pink Grace June Birthday, New York
Rose, purple Enchantment June Birthday, New York
Rose, red Love June Birthday, New York
Rose, Wild Iowa
Rose, Wild Prairie North Dakota
Rose, white A heart unacquainted with love June Birthday, New York
Rose, yellow Friendship, Appreciation, Platonic love. June Birthday, New York
Rosemary Remembrance
Sagebrush Skill and wisdom Nevada
Snowdrop Consolation and hope
Sunflower False riches Kansas
Syringa Love Idaho
Violet Modest worth Illinois, Rhode Island
Violet, Purple Modest worth New Jersey, Illinois, Rhode Islan
Violet, Wood Modest worth Wisconsin
White Monte Casino Patience
White pine cone and tassel Creativity Maine
Wisteria Welcome
Yarrow Cure for a broken heart
Yucca Protection, Purification New Mexico

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