The Little Things

If You’re Going Through Hell,” as Rodney Atkins tells it, it helps to have a little bit of child-like fun to take along with you. At least, I found this to be helpful.

With long, difficult days, I found creating a little moment each day to smile helped a whole lot. I have since been learning that the act of smiling does something with our internal chemicals and hormones and changes the way our brains work, for the better. Note to self – keep smiling.

Here are some of the things that helped me…

Women’s Shoes – I surrounded myself with women’s shoes. You know the old saying…walk a mile in a woman’s shoes and you will have a better understanding of her journey. It will build compassion.

Since I did not find compassion close at hand, I built my own source of compassion with shoes that had symbolic meaning for me. I still have these with me…

  • I have a door stop that is a woman’s shoe – no one is going to shut me out!
  • I have a coin purse that is covered with images of women’s shoes – change… keep praying and working for change!
  • I have a deck of cards that is covered with women’s shoes throughout the ages and across continents – I am not alone!

In addition to the fun and encouragement that each of these talismans brought and still bring me, I love the idea that I bought most or all of them from the National Museum of Women in the Arts and that the pennies I spent to help myself also helped this museum celebrate the creative contributions of women.


What do you do to keep the child alive, remember to smile and to stay rooted?




  • I am pursuing photography as a career. Thirty years post my bad experience at a potentially creative career in film in Hollywood , I’m returning to a creative profession & I’m the boss! No mistreatment of employees allowed! Ever!

    • Plum Blossom

      It sounds like your business would be a wonderful place to work! Out of your unfortunate experience, you are making a positive difference – one ripple at a time. Please consider listing yourself in the “Share Your Resources” section. Both customers and job seekers alike might enjoy knowing how to find you!

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