With Great Thanksgiving

I normally send a thanksgiving letter to friends and family over the Thanksgiving week. This year, this is my letter. A little late by the calendar, but right on time in every other sense.

  1. The people who supported me through my pain and recovery. The more I come out of the fog, the more I realize that you stood beside, held me up, inspired me and kept me going.
  1. My new workout pals. You remind me that there is much more to life than working and surviving. You keep me grounded and you remind me that the journey is just as important as the arrival – stop and watch the way the sun lights up the trees in the morning.
  1. The professionals. You teach me that there are different ways, and often better ways of doing things than the way I was taught earlier on. You remind me to be a life-long learner and to keep my eyes, heart and mind open to new ideas. Life is an iterative, upward spiral, if we choose it to be.

A teacher once told me that I was always being tested. I took that literally and always aimed for A’s no matter what I was doing in class, in practice. The more I live and the more I learn, the more I realize (with real eyes) that each and every moment is a test – a test of faith, a test of virtue, a test of strength, a test of resolve, a test of love. There is no final exam.

It takes a while for the sun to warm up the earth each day. It takes a while for a seed to grow into a beautiful, giving tree.

To all my gardeners, with love and great thanksgiving.

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